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Arm Two Lift Out

Taken from Chapter 4 of
An Instructional DVD by Peachysteve


For the majority of people, arm two lift outs are done with the dominant arm which makes them seem easier.
The arm two lift out is effectively an arm one lift out in reverse.
With arm one, you start across the body and end on your own side.
With arm two you start on your own side and end across the body.
I'd say the hardest part of the arm one lift out is the throw in and for arm two, it is the same part, ie the lift.

Arm two lifts out from it's own side, from exactly the same spot as arm one.
One advantage is that you can put you hand into postion and it will not affect the hoop's normal rotation.
I see many people teaching this starting with the hand behind the back.
I don't think this is helpful for two reasons.
When starting this lift out it's all about the lift.
Rotation is inherent in the hoop's momentum so will happen naturally.
Starting at the back imposes rotational energy into the inital movement.
This can cause a movement away from the body which is unhelpful.
The other reason is form and symmetry.
To my mind the arm one and arm two moves should be symmetrical
the start and end points should be the same for each hand.
hooping lift out hooping lift out
Once you are comfortable with the timing you can grab the hoop as it rolls over your hand.
As soon as you have the hoop you need to lift it, leading with your elbow.
hooping lift out hooping lift out
The lift is quite sharp with little rotation from you.
Try not to let your hand get dragged away from your body.
hooping lift outhooping lift out
Once your hand reaches just over your head you need to make a circle.
The space in the hoop is much easier to spot this time.
hooping lift outhooping lift out
Bring your arm down across your body ready for a strong throw back into waist hooping. hooping lift outhooping lift out

Now to take a look at some of those points from a different angle.

Take the hoop at the hip.
Lead the lift with your elbow.
hooping lift outhooping lift out
You still need to keep your eye on the hoop to stop it going behind you.
Keep your hand just overhead for the circle.
Keep your elbow relaxed.
hooping lift outhooping lift out
It's really important that you make contact with your back before the throw in.
Once you've made contact give a sharp clean horizontal throw to the hoop.
hooping lift outhooping lift out
See how my arm comes right over for the throw.
My arm remains in that position for a moment to make sure that the throw is true and clean.
hooping lift outhooping lift out

Here you can see the move run

hooping lift out

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