Handmade Hoops by Peachysteve

Neck to Waist

Taken from Chapter 2 of
An Instructional DVD by Peachysteve


You can try this move pretty much as soon as you start trying to hoop on the neck, after all, the hoop wants to go down so you may as well let it do it in style.
You are going to lift one arm through the space in the hoop as it passes in front of you.

Now for some theory that is going to help with all the moves you learn.
We have to decide which arm to move first.
People instictively move their strong arm but that's not always the best idea.
In this situation the best arm to move first depends on the direction you hoop.
If when you look down on the hoop it moves in a clockwise direction then the best arm is your right arm.
If the hoop moves in an anticlockwise motion then it's your left arm.
Right handed people tend to hoop in an anticlockwise direction, they also want to lift their right arm through first but this is actually harder to do.

So what's the difference? Why is one arm easier than the other?
It's about judging the timing. It's easier to see the space as it comes across the front of your body and therefore to judge the timing.

In this example the hoop is moving in a clockwise direction ClockwiseDirection
So the space in the hoop is moving toward my right hand side. HoopSpace
I just need to lift my right arm as the space moves over my shoulder.LiftRightArm

For now we don't want to hoop around one arm and the neck so we need to lift the second arm up too.
As soon as your first arm is all the way up, start to lift the second arm and it should be just the right timing.
Once both arms are through, the hoop will start to fall.

In order to catch the hoop onto the hips you need to start making big circles with your hips.
If you make big circles the hoop should naturally fall into the timing of those circles and you'll have succeded in taking the hoop from your neck to your waist.

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