Handmade Hoops by Peachysteve

Hoop Tricks

The following pages are intended as a compliment to the moves covered in my DVD
by giving more in depth explanation on technique.

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Hooping On The Neck
Neck To Waist

Chapter 2
Moving Between Waist And Neck

The Penguin
Hooping On The Arm And Neck
Alternating Arms

Chest Hooping
Waist To Neck

Chapter 3 - Part 1
Working On Hands And Arms

Hand Rolls
Elbow Rolls
Arm Rolls
Arm/Elbow Pushes With Both Arms
Elbow Passes
Front Facing Hand Passes
Thumb Circles
Big Front Facing Hand Passes

Chapter 3 - Part 2
Hoop Swinging

Figure Of Eight
Two Beat Weave
Combining Rolls And Swinging
Cross Body Thumb Roll
Three Beat Weave

Chapter 3 - Part 3
Isolations Rolls

Isolation Rolls
Step Throughs

Chapter 4 - Part 1
Off The Body

Lift From Neck
Overhead Hand Pass
Pass Behind The Back
Drop Through
Body Lift
Outside Circles
Rotating Circles

Chapter 4 - Part 2
Lift Outs

Arm One Lift Out
Arm Two Lift Out
Two Arm Lift Out
Overhead Lift Out Pass
Lift Out Back Pass
Lift Out Runs
Lift Out Thumb Rolls

Chapter 4 - Part 3
Step Ins

Inside circles
Step Ins
Step Outs
One Handed Step In
One Handed Jump In

Chapter 5 - Part 1
Moving Between Waist And Feet

Waist To Knee
Knee To Foot
Kick Start
Foot To Knee - Kick Up
Knee To Waist

Chapter 5 - Part 2
Leg And Foot Work

Hooping On One Leg
Foot Hook
Foot Carry